Mary Cameron (sunshine_tears) wrote in ipfw,
Mary Cameron

Attention Talking Fetus

Dear Talking Fetus,

We appreciate your "enthusiasm" for the 1st amendment and the right of free speech. We were even not *too* annoyed with your first onslaught of posters with the cute little fetus picking our brains. The Stickers were a bit much though...

And now, you're attacking our student organizations directly. This has proven that you have gone too far. These student organizations are on campus to provide fellowship for our students and often to help provide counseling for those who seek it.

But you have taken down their posters (which is against school policy) and replaced them with your own (again, against school policy, as you don't seem to be a student organization). You're now violating the rights of those student organizations to have their posters.

So now, your message is lost... because it comes across as hate. We'd appreciate it if you would stop tearing down our posters. We'd really appreciate it if you came into the Student Life Office and talked to Linda or Audry or even to the student org. suites and talk to those whose posters you have vandalized.

Concerned Members of the Student Organizations at IPFW.
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