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Wabash County Natives, I need your help!!

Ok, so anyone from Wabash County around in this communty (also x-posted to Fort Wayne's Group)? I need a bit of help. IMMEDIATELY.

You see... I'm doing this wonderful slideshow for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary party. And I would love a picture of the restaurant where they had their first date.

But you see, it;s in Wabash, an hour away, and I have very very little free time... so I've been attempting to search the net, but I can';t even find the restaurant!! ACK!

The restaurant is on Cass St. in Wabash, near Lo Bill's... the name is/was "Mike's Little Italy" or some such. I need a picture.

But I'm not sure if I even have the restaurant name right... do I? And if so, if you happen to have a picture of this restaurant for some strange reason, could you please link me to it? Because I seriously would love you forever. :D

Thanks in advance for ANY help I could get!
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