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In Nomine Paranormal Research

Several members of In Nomine Paranormal Research will be giving a lecture on the I.P.F.W campus October 13th. The cost is only 1 can of food per individual ar 3 cans per family. Food collected at the door will be donated to the Community Harvest food Bank. This lecture will be based on field research and the tools used while investigating the paranormal. Join Special Guest Andrew Beckham as he delivers a one hour presentation that is sure to keep on the edge of your seat. Two one hour presentations with a break in between and a meet and greet immediately following. Stop by and talk to In Nomine Paranormal Research of Fort Wayne, IN and be sure to stop by Andrew's booth and check out his new line of apparel.

Host: The Spiritual and Pagan Student Alliance of I.P.F.W

Location: Neff Auditorium / I.P.F.W campus Fort Wayne, In

Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Cost: 1 can of food per individual or 2 cans for a family.

In Nomine paranormal research will be taking donations for the family on Laura VanNiekerk at their booth. Stop by the booths and ask any questions you may have and take some photo's with the team!!

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