Mary Cameron (sunshine_tears) wrote in ipfw,
Mary Cameron

Charity Day at Macy's

Ok, so I usually am not one to go "omg, we're doing this at work, it's uber awesome!" all over the communities... especially since... well, yah, you all either hear our commercials on the radio or see it on t.v., haha.

BUT today's a very important day at Macy's. It's our annual Charity Day! There will be 13 local charities outside Macy's today selling a 20%/10% (it's 20% off in clothing and accessories, 10% off in home and small electronics) coupons for $5. The charities get to keep the ENTIRE $5 that you pay for the coupon.

If you come into the store and buy the coupon, we're supporting the American Heart Association and the Family Violence Prevention Fund.

So please, come out to Macy's today and help support our local charities! And while you're out this morning & early afternoon, stop by the "Complex" of fitting rooms in Ladies' Better Sportswear and say hi to me!

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